Who are you? Where are you going in life? Are you on the correct path? What is morality? What is the "right thing to do"? Exactly what is the Truth?

At last, a new paradigm in psychology that can answer all these questions, and set you on your true path to enlightenment. Based on decades of studying human, and animal for that matter, behavior, and digging deep into all areas of human thought and practice, this book is the definitive answer for eons to come.

If you click on the book image below, you will be able to peruse half of Chapter I for free. If you want the whole book, well, my own True Identity won't let me charge $9.99 (I find the psychology behind this type of pricing technique to be repulsive). So, for $10.00 you can have the entire book in PDF format.

If you wish to purchase the full volume then please contact me at the above email account. I will not accept PayPal, but money orders are fine.

* The full table of contents shown reflects the entire book, not this "teaser" document.
* The book is not yet 100% complete, and may never be complete as I add more material all the tme, and entertain suggestions from readers as well. As this volume is the work of decades of research, even now there may be dangling thoughts. Please advise me as you find them.
* The price of the book includes free updates.

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